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tea leaf dryer

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The purpose of drying is to use high temperature to destroy enzymes to stop enzymatic oxidation. Secondly, it evaporates water, tightens tea leaves, makes hair tea fully dry, prevents non-enzymatic oxidation, and helps maintain quality. Third, it emits blue odor and further enhances and develops aroma. . Heating plays a dominant role in the drying process

The tea microwave dryer machine is a fast new type of tea smashing machine. The equipment adopts the principle of microwave heating. By rapidly heating, the active enzyme in the tea leaves is inactivated, and the enzymes such as tea polyphenols in the fresh leaves are inhibited from accelerating oxidation, so that the subsequent processing is carried out.

In the process, the original color of the tea can be well maintained, the quality and price of the product can be improved, and good economic benefits can be obtained. Tea microwave cutting machine parameters (can be customized according to requirements): Equipment dimensions (length × width × height): about 6180mm × 1310mm × 1668mm by microwave generation system, feeding and discharging system, microwave suppressor, microwave drying box, material conveying System, dehumidification and heat removal system, control and detection system.

Equipment application environment requirements:

1, power requirements: three-phase five-wire 380V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1%

2, power supply rated apparent input power: ≤16KVA Microwave system main technical parameters: 1, microwave operating frequency: 2450 ± 50MHz

2, microwave output power: 10.5KW (power segmentation adjustable)

3, microwave magnetron: South Korea's Samsung original magnetron.

4, microwave system cooling method: magnetron (air cooling), transformer (air cooling).

5, magnetron service life: more than 8000 hours

6, manufacturing standards: in line with national GB10436-89 standard ≤ 5mw / cm2

The microwave dryer not only can dry the tea quickly, but can also be designed as a machine specially designed for killing.

The use of microwave dryer also has the following advantages:

It does not need preheating to instantly heat up and kill fast; the product quality is good; because the surface temperature of tea is not too high, the chlorophyll changes little, the color is green and resistant, the aroma loss is less, and the uniformity is high; at the same time, due to the rapid evaporation of water, it is easy to form. Porosity, good rehydration of the product, tea aroma and other beneficial substances are easily dissolved when hot water is brewed. In the production of tea, tea drying is the last process, and it is also the key to determining the quality of tea. After the end of the fermentation, the activity of the enzyme is inhibited by the high temperature to inhibit the continued fermentation of the tea leaves, and the color and aroma formed during the fermentation process are fixed. And under the action of dry heat, develop. Then evaporate the water and increase the aroma of the tea.

Common tea leaf dryer methods:

Tea leaves

Tea greening is a relatively common method of drying. The process of physically losing the tea leaves by heating the temperature of the air, thereby causing the tea leaves to lose moisture. The advantage is that the heat is relatively uniform and has no odor.

2. Tea leaves

The fried green tea is often produced in the production of famous green tea. It means that the fresh leaves are completed from the killing to the initial system, and they are all carried out in a pot. The drying of the tea leaves is concentrated in the late stage of the initial preparation. After the shaping of the fresh leaves of the tea leaves is completed, it is usually adjusted to a warm fire to dry the tea leaves. Its characteristic is that the aroma is relatively high.

3. Tea drying

The sun-dried tea leaves refers to the excellent tea drying method in a certain area, which is represented by the Yunguichuan Plateau and the tea-producing area with sufficient sunshine resources. Because the altitude is higher in the plateau, the energy lost during the sun irradiation is smaller, so it has higher temperature and heat. In the case of dry weather, after the tea is finished, the process of drying the tea is completed by the sunlight. .