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flakes production line

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Corn flakes processing machine
Corn flakes are the most popular cereal snack food in the world. Also called breakfast cereals, the raw material for processing corn flakes is preferably hard dent corn, because of its high horny endosperm content, high transparency after starch gelatinization, and good product appearance. When eating, use boiling water to prepare corn flakes. If you put corn flakes in the prepared soup, you can make corn flakes. At present, corn flakes produced in China include light corn flakes, sweet corn flakes and salted corn flakes. The light corn flakes are brownish yellow; the sweet corn flakes are yellowish brown and the salty corn flakes are yellow. Corn contains a large number of embryos. Corn germ affects the gelatinization of starch and the shape of corn flakes, which brings inconvenience to the processing operation. Therefore, the corn flakes after peeling and de-embryo are mostly used as raw materials for production of corn flakes. Processing method.
Baked cornflakes
Corn bran→pressure cooking→drying→tempering→rolling→baking→flavoring→baked cornflakes
Process composition:

1. Mixing machine: Add corn flour or corn slag to the nutrient additive and mix with a certain proportion of water.

2. Feeding machine: transport the mixed raw materials to the feeding hopper of the extruder.

3. Puffing machine: The raw material in the feeding hopper enters the extrusion system to produce small spherical particles.

4. Vibrating screen: Disperse the particles and avoid overlapping them after entering the tablet press.

5, air delivery machine: the particles are transported into the tablet machine.

6. Tablet press: The small spherical particles are pressed into thin slices, which is corn flakes.

7, air delivery machine: the corn flakes are delivered to the oven.

8, multi-layer:, self-adjusting speed, the interior is a stainless steel double-layer mesh bag.
(1) Pressure cooking. The corn mash with a grain size of about 1/3 of the size of the corn kernels is sent to a rotary drum type high-pressure cooking pot, and seasonings such as sugar and salt are added, and water is added to make the moisture content of the corn mash reach 35% to 45%. Steam cooking at 174 dry scalts for 1 to 2 hours until the corn mash is completely gelatinized. Judging whether the degree of gelatinization is achieved or not can be visually observed, that is, when the corn mash is translucent, it meets the requirements.
(2) Drying and conditioning. After the cooking is finished, the steamer pressure is reduced, the corn mash is removed from the mesh outlet by centrifugation, and the corn mash that has been bonded into the dough during the cooking process is broken up. The corn mash is then sent to a dryer through a conveyor belt to dry, reducing the moisture to about 20%.
(3) Rolling. The corn mash is cooled to 30 ° C ~ 40 ° C and sent to a sheet rolling machine to form a sheet. The rolling mill consists of a pair of stainless steel light rolls, the roll speed is 180 ~ 200 rev / min, and the corn is rolled into 0.7 ~ 1 mm. thickness of.
(4) Baking. The rolled corn flakes are sent to the oven for baking and baked at 302 ° C, 50 seconds or 288 ° C for 2 to 3 minutes to reduce the moisture to below 3%. After cooling, seasoning, the golden color and crispy baking can be obtained. Corn flakes .
Fried cornflakes
Corn bran→acid soaking→neutralization→washing→draining→grinding→forming→baking→sieving→frying→flavoring→fried cornflakes
The corn mash is soaked in sulphurous acid water for 16 to 18 hours, and then neutralized with lime. The amount of lime water is about 0.8% of corn mash. After neutralization, it is washed with water, drained, and then smashed into fine slag and wet. The fine slag is press-formed into a triangular sheet having a side length of about 4 to 5 cm and a thickness of 2 to 3 mm, and is rapidly baked at a high temperature, and the baking temperature is 371 °C. After baking, pass through the perforated steel wire conveyor belt, sift the fine debris, and fry in the oil pan. The frying time is 1 minute. After frying, it is seasoned in the seasoning drum, and the packaged after seasoning is the finished fried corn flakes [2].
Corn flakes produced in China include light corn flakes, sweet corn flakes and salted corn flakes. The light corn flakes are brownish yellow, the sweet corn flakes are yellowish brown, and the salty corn flakes are yellow.

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