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peanut roasting machine

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Peanut baking machine(peanut roasting machine) should be used for baking or drying peanuts, peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, broad beans, coffee beans, seeds and other granular materials, using the principle of rotary drum, heat conduction and heat radiation during the baking process. The baked object is continuously pushed by the spiral piece in the drum to form an uninterrupted rolling, so that the heat is evenly distributed, and the baking quality is effectively ensured (the baked object does not contact the fireworks during baking),
The use of coal as a fuel has low production cost. It has been proved by many peanut mouth-making factories that the machine has the advantages of convenient use, high efficiency, energy saving and durability. The baked products are of good quality, hygienic, tasteful and can meet export standards.

Baking dryer machinery A mechanical device that uses heat to reduce the moisture of a material and is used to bake and dry objects. The dryer vaporizes the moisture (usually referred to as moisture or other volatile liquid components) in the material by heating to obtain a solid material having a specified moisture content. The purpose of drying is for the purpose of material use or further processing.
Peanut baking machine: The furnace is equipped with a clutch and temperature control device, which adopts the principle of rotary rolling cage, heat conduction and heat radiation, and uses coal (which can also be made into gas, fuel or electric heating type) as fuel in the baking process. The baked object is continuously pushed by the spiral piece in the drum to form an uninterrupted rolling, so that the heat is evenly distributed, and the baking quality is effectively ensured.
The spiced peanut microwave food baking equipment produced by our company adopts advanced baking technology and has a bactericidal effect in the baking process.
Spiced peanut microwave food baking equipment is a substitute for modern artificial frying or ordinary dry frying; microwave baking peanuts are characterized by crispy and delicious, full-bodied, full-color, natural color, beautiful appearance and sterilization. Microwave sterilization is carried out under the dual effects of thermal and non-thermal effects of microwaves, and satisfactory sterilization can be obtained at a lower temperature and in a shorter period of time than conventional temperature sterilization.
The general sterilization temperature is about 80 ° C, the treatment time is 3 to 5 minutes, and the nutrients can be maintained to the utmost.
Spiced peanut microwave food baking equipment works:
Using the most advanced microwave baking technology, the baking temperature is low (bake temperature between 100-130 ° C), baking time is short (5-8 minutes). The microwave heating baking principle is to use the characteristics of microwave heating. The microwave energy directly acts on the material itself, so that the polar molecules of the material generate 2.45 billion vibrations per second, and the molecules rub each other to generate heat. Compared with the traditional method of baking by heat conduction peanut, it has the characteristics of short baking time, sanitary environment, low labor intensity and continuous automatic operation.

Microwave baking equipment is different from traditional baking equipment. The air around the food in microwave baking is room temperature and is not heated by microwave. The heat is generated by the interaction of charged particles and polar molecules in food. The heat generated is transmitted through the food material.

Since heat is generated inside the food, the heating rate in the microwave device is very fast. Since microwave heating is a process of heating peanuts as a whole, it is not necessary to heat the peanuts by heat conduction. Therefore, the microwave peanut baking machine has a lower temperature when roasting peanuts (120-130 ° C, and the conventional baking equipment) Need 180-200 ° C).
Compared with the conventional baking processing method, the microwave peanut baking machine has a much faster temperature rise during baking, and therefore, the total baking time is shortened, thereby saving energy.
Another advantage of using microwaves to bake peanuts is that the end products contain higher nutritional value than products processed by conventional baking methods.
Peanut baking equipment technical parameters:
1, equipment model: VYS-30HM6
2, equipment material: machine stainless steel manufacturing
3, electrical materials: national standard electrical device manufacturing
4, equipment working power: three-phase five-wire 380V ± 10%
5, microwave power: 30KW (adjustable)
6, baking temperature: 100-150 degrees (adjustable and controllable)
7, baking time: 3-8 minutes (controllable)
8, conveyor belt width: 750mm
9, transmission speed: 0 ~ 5 m / min (frequency control)
10. Dimensions (length × width × height): about 10890 × 1360 × 1750mm
Microwave peanut baking machine application:
It is suitable for baking of original peanuts, milk peanuts, salt water peanuts, spiced peanuts, etc. The South Milk Peanut of Guangzhou Guanhua Food Factory and the South Milk Peanut and Alcoholic Peanut of Dongguan Stupid Second Brother Food Factory are all produced by microwave peanut baking machine. The peanuts baked in the microwave peanut baking machine are strong, crisp and refreshing.
Peanut baking machine is not the same as the application process. The equipment is designed and manufactured differently. The size of the equipment can be customized according to the output. We will customize the equipment according to your application requirements.

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